When you're hitting the slopes this year, make sure you've got the right ski backpack. Having the wrong or an ill fitting backpack will seriously affect your ride. Choosing a specially designed ski backpack or snowboarding back pack will allow you much more freedom in your movements and, after a while, you'll even forget that you're wearing one.  Read more...
At Simply Piste we offer plenty of specialist ski and snowboarding back packs for you to choose from. Not only are all of our skiing backpacks specifically designed with winter sports in mind, but they also come with key features that will help aid your skiing experience. Our range of ski backpacks have been designed to be comfortable, and to ensure that your movements on the slope are not compromised. We also stock snowboarding bags. The slim line and lightweight designs won't get in your way, and you'll still be able to carry all those skiing essentials with you when you're out and about on the slopes. Skiing back packs can be worn over your ski jacket, and will usually come with padding to make them even more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

If you see a ski backpack at another site cheaper, then we will match that price. So, not only will you be bagging yourself the best quality ski accessories and ski clothing around, but you'll be getting them at the lowest prices on-line.