If you're looking to add even more fun and excitement to your coming ski holiday, then why not treat yourself to a sledge? Snow sledges are a great way for you and your family to enjoy the slopes together this year. You and the little ones will have hours of fun whizzing down the slopes. But, remember, plastic sledges aren't just for the kids, at Simple Piste you'll be pleased to know that we carry a wide range of ski sledges all the way from small inexpensive plastic sledges, to larger and much faster ski sledges that are perfect for the bigger kids. We even have inflatable sledges available, great for packing down and putting in the boot.  Read more...
If you're looking for a plastic sledge for your little one, then you've certainly come to the right place. We have a large range of mini sledges that are specifically designed with your little ones in mind. These safe and easy to use plastic sledges will keep your little ones entertained all day long, as they rush around on the slopes. We have small sledges from as little as £5 that you'll easily be able to pop into your suitcase. They come in bright primary colours that your kids will love.

But, it's not just basic snow sledges that we carry at Simple Piste, we also have more sophisticated sledge designs such as Toboggans. Our kids steerable sledges are a popular choice. The modern design allows your little one to steer the snow sledge making it a much easier and safer ride.

Don't worry, we don't just cater for the kids at Simply Piste, we also have plenty of ski sledges that the adults will love too. Our range of high speed snow sledges will knock your socks off. Make sure you're prepare for some serious speeds, as our Airboard sledges are pretty nippy and handle like a dream. So if you're looking for an exciting alternative to skiing and snowboarding on the slopes this year, make sure you grab yourself a snow sledge from Simply Piste.
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