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Camelbak Ski Hydration

When you hit the slopes this year, and you're having the time of  your life, you won't want to stop for anything. But, you'll have to. Keeping yourself well hydrated out on the snow is essential, but coming in every hour for a quick drink just isn't practical, and will waste a lot of your precious skiing time. Sure, you could take a bottle of water with you, but taking your pack off, and taking off your gloves to grab your drink will leave your hands freezing cold. So, what is the solution to this annoying problem? Camelbak hydration packs.

If you don't know what I'm talking about don't worry. Plenty of folks have no idea that Camelbak hydration packs exist, or what they do. Well, in this article you'll learn everything you need to know about ski hydration back packs, and how they will solve all of your hydration problems this season. Read on to find out more...

So, what are hydration packs?

Well, a hydration pack is a backpack that you can wear, which carries a drink that you are able to access without having to use your hands. Okay, so that sounds a little odd, but you'll soon realise just how essential a Camelbak hydration backpacks is. Your hydration backpack will house a reservoir that you can easily fill with water or your favoured drink. The reservoir is fitted with a long flexible straw-like tube that you're able to drink from. You simply pop it into your mouth and you're able to drink on the go. You won't need to stop, or use your hands to access your drink. You just pop the tube in your mouth whilst you're out there on the slopes, and you'll be able to keep riding for even longer. There are a wide range of Camelbak hydration backpacks that you can choose from, as well as plenty of Camelbak hydration accessories for you to customise your kit with.

About Camelbak...

Camelbak first started designing hydration packs for mountain bike riders and motocross riders who weren't able to use their hands. But, this idea quickly spread to a wide range of sports and these kinds of hydration backpacks are now used by skiers and snowboarders all over the world. This proven design hasn't changed much since the very first Camelbak hydration pack was designed and these kinds of packs have been used by the military for many years since. So, you know this is a technology you can trust, and a system that won't let you down out there in the snow.


Camelbak hydration backpacks...

So, if you too think that a hydration pack is just the thing for you this ski season, then you need to pick up your very own hydration backpack. At Camelbak they offer a large selection of backpacks for you to choose from. The larger backpacks will comfortably house your reservoir, as well as having extra storage and pockets for you to keep other essential items. These packs are slightly heavier, but you'll have the freedom to carry extra gear around with you on the slopes. These backpacks are extremely well made and are ergonomically designed to fit your body. Your hydration backpack will take up little room on your back, and wont get in the way of your ride. The ski bags are also fully adjustable and come with additional padding to make them even more comfortable to wear all day long. There are plenty of styles, designs and colours for you to choose from, and Camelbak even make hydration backpacks for the ladies too.

But, it's not just the bigger packs that you'll find at Camelbak. They also carry a range of slimline hydrations back packs. These kinds of packs won't weight you down, and you won't even notice that you're wearing these ultra lightweight designs. This styles of pack will take up hardly any space on your back, and again they are fully adjustable for your comfort.
You'll be able to find Camelbak hydration packs in all different shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs. The size of reservoir is customisable, so you can bag yourself a bigger size if you're planning to stay out on the slopes for many hours on end.

Camelbak also have a range of hydration packs that you can slip into your existing back pack. If you already have a backpack that you don't want to part with, you can simply pop your new hydration pack into your ski bag, and you'll be able to drink all day long without ever opening your backpack or using your hands.


Camelbak accessories...

It's not just hydration backpacks that you can pick up from Camelbak, you'll also find that they have plenty of neat accessories for you to choose from too. There is one must have piece of kit you'll need with your new Camelbak ski bag, a cleaning kit. Sure, you may only be filling your Camelbak reservoir with water, but both the drinking tube and the reservoir itself will soon get dirty and bacteria will begin to build. This quick and easy to use kit includes everything you need to keep your kit nice and clean.
As well as the cleaning kits, you'll find that there are a number of clips, valve covers and hydrolocks that you can choose from. These will help you secure your tube, and allow you to stop the flow of water from your tube. In addition you can choose different reservoir sizes to help suit your individual needs, and grab rain covers to help protect your hydration pack from the elements. You name it, Camelbak have thought of it.

Camelbak at Simply Piste: Keeping you hydrated on the slopes...

At Simply Piste we carry a wide range of Camelbak accessories and hydration backpacks for you to  choose from. We have the large hydrations backpacks in a variety of styles, as well as the slim line ranges for you to choose from. We also carry basic hydration packs that you're able to use with your existing ski backpack, as well as plenty of the must have Camelbak accessories, such as a variety of reservoir sizes, rain covers and of course cleaning kits.