Helly Hansen Technologies

For the last 133 years Helly Hansen have been on a mission to make the best most protective gear available. With Helly Hansen you will never be disappointed in your clothing even when the weather is at it’s worst.

Read down to learn more about the amazing technologies that make Helly Hansen clothing the best.

3layersWhat Is The 3 Layer System?

Helly Hansen introduced the acclaimed 3-Layer System in the early 1970’s, and it quickly became the industry standard – still valid today. Their gear has been tested and proven to work flawlessly, regardless if you are a professional or a weekend warrior. The principles apply for everyone who needs to stay dry, warm and safe in any outdoor environment. Helly Hansen never stopped evolving the components – and like all systems; it’s the components that make it work.

Helly Hansen Performance Baselayers

Helly Hansen performance baselayers with Lifa Stay Dry Technology™ has kept athletes in the performance zone for more than 30 years. The unique Lifa technology transports excess heat and comfort stealing moisture away from the body, allowing for extended comfort and performance.

Helly Hansen Thermal Layers

This is the insulating layer. It features Profleece and Prostretch which originates from the Helly fiber pile, launched in 1970. The thermal layer helps you harness your heat and catalyzes the movement of excessive moisture from the baselayer out to the protective layer, where it is released.

Helly Hansen Protective Layers

The outer layer is the protective component in the 3-Layer System, and keeps the elements out. While sheltering you from wind and water, it also allows moisture from the thermal layer to escape through the breathable membrane. Helly Tech is the superior technology choice for waterproof and breathable hard shells. Interface™, with its stretch-woven fabric – still waterproof and highly breathable – is the fabric for their shells.

PerformanceBaselayerHelly Hansen Performance Baselayers


This is your on-body air conditioning. The bicomponent knit featuring Lifa Stay Dry Technology™ provides rapid moisture transport in one layer, while the loose fit design offers increased venting and comfort when the thermometer is red hot. Featured technologies in HHCOOL™ also includes the unique Coolgrid™ structure for enhanced ventilation, NightBack™ with reflective elements for safety after dark and SilverBack™ for reduced heat retention.


Helly Hansen dry Works as your second skin, and is the heart of our 3-Layer System. Lifa Stay Dry Technology™ makes this a versatile and adaptable baselayer for all conditions. The close body fit enhances moisture transportation during high intensity activities, making HHDRY™ the perfect year-round insurance for you to perform at your highest level.


As the natural choice in sub zero environments, this baselayer features two different layers in one. The inner mesh features the unique, hollow Lifa T3 (Thermic Tube Technology) that mimics the fur of polar bears. This means you get extreme insulation and superior evacuation of moisture. The outside of super fine merino wool adds warmth – with zero itch-factor.

Helly Hansen Thermal Layers

The second layer in the 3-Layer System. The thermal layer ensures enhanced insulation and moisture movement from the body. Compared to other materials like cotton and wool that weigh and cool you down when wet, Helly Hansen’s lightweight thermal apparel keeps you dry and in comfort. If this layer is not performing properly, neither are you.


Warmer than ProStretch, Helly Hansen ProFleece is a mid-loft fleece that is designed to keep you comfortable over a broad range of temperatures. It’s resilient filament fibers and double-sided construction will never let you down or pill, even after years of hard-core usage.


ProStretch is a short pile stretch micro fleece, offering a low bulk mid layer. Used both in a soft double-sided form and the slick hard-faced single-sided construction. Freedom of movement is the result, and warmth and comfort on chilly days is something you’ll find very appealing.

ProtectiveleyerHelly Hansen Protective Layers

The outer layer of the 3-Layer System. The protective layer serves as the face of the layering principle; it keeps the elements out, while allowing excessive moisture that has been transported from the baselayer and the thermal layer, to be released out via the protective layers membrane.


Helly Hansen most advanced and most technical fabric engineered to meet anything you can challenge it with. It is 20.000mm waterproof and 20.000g breathable.


Designed for hardcore activities in cold and wet conditions, Helly Tech XP offers 15.000mm waterproofness and 15.000g breathability to ensure you can focus on every challenge at hand.


Designed for all season use and most weather conditions, Helly Tech sets the standard for waterproof breathable outerwear technology (10.000mm /10.000g), and provides a perfect environment for performing


InterFace™ is used in Helly Hansen soft shell products: a soft-textured, stretch-woven fabrication that’s perfect for any high-energy activity in variable conditions. It’s also a dynamic stretch and non-bulky layering option for cold and wet mountain days.