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Icebreaker Ski Wear Guide

When it comes to choosing the right winter ski wear this season, you're going to need a lot more than the right ski jacket. One thing that more and more folks forget when they head off to the slopes is the right base layer and thermal wear. Sure, you're going to need that outer layer to work hard and keep all of the elements out, but if you've got the wrong thermal layer on, you'll soon start to feel it. Not having the right base layers will leave you cold and miserable out there in the snow. You won't be able to perform as well on the slopes, and it'll only be a matter of time before you need to add more layers. But, it's not just about losing heat, if you're wearing the wrong thermal layer, you could find that you get too hot. This will cause you to sweat and after a while, the sweat will eventually make you even colder.
If you too want to be warm and comfortable out there on the slopes, then you're going to need some Icebreaker base layers. Here at Simply Piste we have a wide range of Icebreaker thermal wear for both men and women. So, to make sure you get the very most out of the slopes this year, make sure you've packed your icebreaker thermals. Read on to find out more about Icebreaker base layers, and their unique ski wear items...

Icebreaker SkiwearAbout Icebreaker...

You simply won't find base layers like the kind Icebreaker make anywhere else. These highly unique thermals are made from superfine merino from New Zealand. This fibre is unlike any other, and because of its make up, it allows the wearer to breathe. The 100% natural wool is very soft and comfortable to wear and makes the perfect base layer for any winter sports trip.
The material comes from sheep in the cold mountainous regions of New Zealand. The wool is able to keep the sheep alive and warm during the harsh winter conditions, and it will keep you just as warm and dry too. Our bodies don't like synthetic materials, they make us sweat and they make it hard for our bodies to breathe. Using an Icebreaker thermal layer eliminates these issues, allowing the body to feel comfortable in any conditions.

Icebreaker ski wear technologies...

The thing that makes Icebreaker thermal wear different from all other base layers is that is can keep you warm, and it can keep you cool. Okay, so when you're out there on the slopes, staying cool is the last thing you want right? Well, if your body is too hot and it starts to sweat, the moisture on your skin can actually make you colder in the long run. So, staying cool is pretty important. The natural material allows any moisture to be draw away from the skin and released, ensuring that you don't feel clammy and uncomfortable.
Layering with Icebreaker wear is the best way to make sure your stay warm, dry and comfortable, no matter what you're up to on the slopes. The top layers ensure that your body is protected by the elements, but mid layers and your thermal layers both work hard to make sure that your skin can breathe, the any moisture is pulled away from your skin. The warm air created by your body will be trapped between your inner layers and the air pockets within the individual layers, which helps to keep you even warmer for longer.

About the Icebreaker Bodyfit range...

When it comes to Icebreaker thermal layers, you'll certainly be spoilt for choice. In the Bodyfit range, Icebreaker create base layers for all temperatures, allowing you to select the perfect thermal layer to suit your chosen destination and winter sport activity. The following base layers are available - Bodyfit 150, Bodyfit 200 and the Bodyfit 260. The Bodyfit 150 is suited to any season, and is the lightest layer on offer from the Icebreaker range. You won't even know you're wearing this ultra thin thermal layer, as it's just so breathable and comfortable in it's design and construction.
Next comes the Bodyfit 200. This base layer is slightly thicker than the 150, and is specially made for outdoor activities such as hiking and snow sports. This thermal layer uses more wool in it's construction, and is able to keep you warmer in cooler conditions. Last but not least comes the Bodyfit 260. As yo would have guessed it, this thermal layer is the thickest on offer and is best suited for the most cold of conditions.

Icebreaker SkiwearOasis crewe and leggings for women...

For any ladies looking for the perfect womens base layers, then Icebreaker is the best place to start looking. Oasis are the perfect womens thermal layer choice, and will keep you warm and dry all winter long. These well constructed garments have been designed with comfort in mind, and once they're on, you won't even know that you're wearing them. Both the ladies base layer crewe and leggings have been designed to hug your body, and the specialist stitching and forward seams create the perfect womens base layer to complement any mid or outer later.

Long sleeve crewe and leggings for men...

It's not just ladies wear that you'll find at Icebreaker. They have plenty of mens base layer and thermal wear for you to choose from. Some of the most popular choices for both skiers and snowboarders are the mens thermal layer long sleeve crewe and leggings. Just like the ladies base layers, these specialist thermal layers have been created with comfort in mind. Again, the specialist stitching, forward seems and the legging gusset make both the legging and the long sleeve crewe the perfect mens base layer. This layer will keep you warm and dry no matter what conditions you are facing, and you won't have to worry about any inner moisture either. The unique wool fabric allows the skin to keep breathing and carries away the sweat from the skin, so you don't feel uncomfortable and clammy.