The North Face Ski Wear Guide

If you’re looking to buy the best in ski wear for your next winter ski holiday, then there is one brand you can always trust… The North Face. The North Face offer one of the largest ranges of ski wear clothing and accessories around, and we’re are happy to bring you a large selection of North Face ski wear here at our Simply Piste on-line store. We have everything you could ever need from – ski gloves, ski hat and ski socks, all the way through to ski backpack and bags. These timeless pieces will ensure that you stay wonderfully warm and dry on the slopes this year, and look great at the same time too. To find out more about The North Face range as well as some of new and exciting ski items they are now offering, read on…

About North Face Ski Wear…

When you see the top skiing and snowboarding professionals rocking The North Face mens ski jackets and womens ski pants, you can be certain that The North Face is a brand you can trust when you’re out facing the elements. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning your very first winter sports trip, or you’re a regular on the slopes, the North Face has the perfect winter kit for you. At the Simply Piste store you’ll be able to pick up all the North Face gear you’ll need for your next winter vacation. We have everything from mens mid layers, womens thermal layers all the way through to ski wear items for the little ones.

The timeless stylish designs will look great out there on the snow, and you can be sure that your The North Face ski wear will last and last and last. This long and hard wearing kit will take good care of you season after season, keeping your warmer and dryer than any other ski wear brand.

North Face Ski Technology…

The North Face are famous for their ski wear, and more and more folks are turning to this trusted skiwear name each time they head out for fun on the slopes. It’s The North Faces Gore-Tex technology that inspires people to buy the brand, as this technology can guarantee the wearer to stay warmer and dryer out on the slopes for even longer.

Because they use Gore-Tex in their ski wear items, you can trust that your clothing will keep the elements out, whilst you, the wearer is kept warm and dry all day long, no matter what you’re doing. You’ll be fully wind proof and water proof, and you won’t have to worry about comfort either. All items are made with comfort in mind, and the garments are very breathable, whilst they’re able draw any inner moisture and sweat away from the skin. Keeping you dry on the inside and the outside.

Because of the Gore-Tex performance design, it’s no longer necessary for three layers. The garments are just as effective with just two layers, which means ski wear items in this range offer far greater freedom of movement and the garments are far more breathable and comfortable to wear.

When it comes to The North Face Gore-Tex Pro shell, you’ll be amazed at just how long you’re able to stay out there on the slopes. The unique outer core will fight off the elements all day long. Your mid layer and base layer will remain dry and warm, as the outer shell keeps out the wind and rain permanently.

There are many different Gore-Tex items available in The North Face range, all of which are specifically designed for your chosen activity. Whether you’re new to skiing, or you’re a seasoned snowboarding pro, The North Face will have the perfect ski wear garment to suit you and your individual needs.

The North Face Warm Base Layer range

When you hit the slopes this year, there’s one thing that you’re going to need – a base layer you can trust. That’s where The North Face warm base layer thermal range comes in. This range of womens base layers and mens thermal layers will help keep you warmer for longer when you’re taking part in your winter sports activities. The North Face thermal layer which is worn under your mid layer will keep you insulated, whilst it makes sure that any moisture is wicked away from the skin, keeping you dry and warm.

Men’s Maineline Triclimate Jacket, 3 in 1 versatile jacket

If you’re looking for a mens ski jacket that will serve you all winter long, then the Triclimate mens ski jacket is the one for you. This three in one jacket is a must have item, and you’ll find yourself wearing it constantly during your winter vacation. It’s fully waterproof, wind proof and fully insulated, making it the perfect mens ski jacket.

Men’s Stretch Highlander Pant

Whether you’ll be skiing or snowboarding, you’ll need the best quality mens ski pants, to make sure that the wet and cold stay on the outside. But it’s not just the Highlander mens ski trousers ability to keep you warm and dry that’s a big plus, it’s the fact that these mens ski pants are just so comfortable and allow such freedom of movement when you’re out on the slopes. These versatile pants are made from the same advanced Gor-Tex materials and come with a long list of features you simply can not do without this ski season.

Women’s Decagon Jacket

For all the ladies that will be hitting the snowy slopes this year, the must have womens ski jacket is still the Decagon jacket. This is a favourite among many of the top winter sport professionals and offers all of the must have features such as seam sealing, waterproof, wind proof and lightweight construction. Team this with the right ladies mid layer and ladies base layer and you’ll be ready to hit the slopes.

Women’s Freedom Insulated II Pant

Just like the guys, finding the perfect ladies ski pants can be pretty hard. Not only do they have to keep you warm and dry for hours on end, but they also have to be comfortable and offer complete freedom of movement. The Freedom insulated II are a pair of womens ski pants you can trust. They have a unique stretch design for maximum comfort, and they look cool too.