Womens Ski Wear Advice

We’ve got all the women’s ski wear you need to stay warm, dry and comfortable in the snow, from some of the world’s most reputable winter sports brands.

Our full range of women’s ski wear includes base layers, mid layers and ski jackets as well as complete ski suits, ski gloves, ski socks, salopettes and pants. Our brands specialise in making ski wear that’s lightweight, durable, weatherproof and warm, using the latest fabrics and design innovations.

If you’re a newbie skier wanting some affordable ski wear to try out, or a regular winter sports enthusiast looking for the latest high performance ski clothes, there’s plenty here to suit your budget and needs. Below is a quick overview of what you’ll find in our women’s ski wear department…

Women1Women’s Base Layers

The base layer is an important layer because it wicks sweat away from your body onto the outer layers, keeping you warm and comfortable. Our women’s base layers by Five, Helly Hansen, Icebreaker and The North Face include long sleeved tops, tights and pants. Base layers made from merino wool are great for keeping you cosy and the synthetic ones have been thoroughly researched and tested to ensure maximum wicking and warmth.

Women’s Casual Ski Wear

The great thing about women’s casual ski wear is that it’s perfect for wearing off the slopes on your ski trip and versatile enough to wear out and about when you get home, so you get great value for money. Brands like O’Neill and Helly Hansen are brilliant at making warm, off piste ski wear that crosses over into everyday casual wear for cooler months back home.

Women’s Complete Ski Suits

Complete ski suits, comprising of either an all-in-one or a ski jacket and matching ski pants, represent really good value for money because you buy it as one item. Ski suits are ideal for first time skiers testing the water or anyone on a tight budget. A brand worth a mention is Five, who make warm, comfortable and affordable ski suits that are perfect for infrequent or novice skiers.

Women’s Mid Layers

Wearing a mid layer between your base layer and ski jacket will make all the difference in terms of protecting you from the biting cold. A fleece is a popular choice of mid layer and is a good way to get that all important extra insulation.

Women3Women’s Salopettes

One thing’s for certain on the slopes – your legs are going to get wet! That’s where a decent pair of salopettes comes in. Our top branded women’s salopettes cover a broad price range, from functional and affordable Five, through to high-tech Peak Performance.

Our salopettes give you maximum protection from the elements on the slopes and come with removable braces for added comfort and improved fit. Our salopettes for women are windproof and waterproof as well as warm and comfortable with great freedom of movement so you can bend your hips and knees without feeling restricted.

Women’s Ski Gloves

The importance of a decent pair of ski gloves can’t be underestimated. They are essential ski accessories because they keep your hands protected and warm. Ski gloves are expertly designed so that you can move your fingers freely without losing the warmth and protection that the gloves’ layers bring. You’ll find the perfect balance – warmth without bulk.

Women’s Ski Jackets

The choice of women’s ski jackets this season is pretty impressive. All the top brands like Peak Performance, O’Neill and Westbeach have pulled out all the stops to combine function and fashion, creating hi-tech ski and snowboard jackets for women made to withstand the wind, wet and cold whilst looking super-stylish on the slopes. The jackets come with a range of features that are there to improve comfort, breathability and fit.

We’ve detailed each jacket’s individual features in easy-to-read bullet form so you can quickly and easily decide what’s best for you. We understand that everyone has their own personal taste style-wise, so you’ll find everything from classic plain coloured ski jackets by brands like Peak Performance to funky prints from the likes of O’Neill and Westbeach.

Women4Women’s Ski Pants

You can match your ski jacket with a pair of lightweight technical ski pants. First and foremost a good pair of ski pants will keep the wet and cold away and allow you to move your hips and legs freely so you can ski or snowboard without feeling confined. All our ski wear brands are constantly innovating when it comes to fabrics and design, to make their ski pants as comfortable, durable and weatherproof as possible whilst regulating your body temperature.

Women’s Ski Socks

Primarily designed for winter sports, ski socks  are also great for keeping your feet warm during an extreme cold snap back home. They give you extra cushioning where you need it most, so they’re soft and comfortable inside snow boots. All our brands make soft women’s ski socks that provide high levels of insulation and wick away moisture so your feet stay toasty over long stretches in the snow. Smartwool’s range of women’s snowboard socks come in the most fantastic vibrant colours and unique designs. They’re soft, warm, highly breathable and as comfy as they come.