Animal are one of the biggest and most respected manufacturers of ski and snowboard equipment with a customer base that spreads across the globe. They're totally committed to designing products that matches the passion their customers have for adventures in the snow.

The Animal range of products here on Simply Piste include jackets, footwear, trousers and various other essential accessories to make you look the part while on your ski trip or holiday.

Animal's investment in a passionate technical division ensures their clothing is reliable and durable, designed to give you peace of mind on your winter sports hobby or activity.

Their team of experienced staff give meticulous attention to detail to every stage of the production process. This is to ensure their customers are happy with their purchase and continue to choose Animal for winter sports clothing.

Their snow team covers all aspects of winter sports and they work closely with their team in order to develop future ranges of performance technical gear, while at the same time ensuring their colours and designs look appealing too.

Year after year they're listening to feedback from customers and designing their products with this firmly in mind to further their range and expand their customer following.

Animal was created in 1987 by two surfers who set up production in a back bedroom where they sold strapping to their close friends, which funded trips abroad which resulted in increased sales. In turn this paved the way for the pairing to concentrate on other areas such as skiing, and since then they haven't looked back as their company grew.

Nearly 25 years on and Animal is now one of the best selling boardsport/life style brands because it appeals to so many enthusiasts from an array of snow sports, and offer products which are high quality and manufactured to a superior standard.

Animal jackets, trousers, footwear and various accessories offer excellent value for money, and will provide you with all the kit needed for any resort or location to ensure you have everything you need with you.

So make sure you don't go unprepared for your skiing adventure. Take a look at some of the fine products that Animal has to offer on Simply Piste and ensure you're stylish on the slopes.