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Columbia Sportswear is a fantastic range of outdoor winter clothing and accessories in varying styles suitable for skiing, snowboarding and in fact pretty much any other winter sports.

Here at Simply Piste we are strong supporters of Columbia's range of children's outdoor clothing as well, as they provide high quality, well designed products with grown-up technologies which make them practical for both kids and parents alike.

This way if parents want their children to accompany them on the slopes then there is a top class company on the market to purchase the necessary equipment from, and Columbia are renowned for producing reliable, durable products which will last several trips.

Their design philosophy is to make their products such that they are perfect for your chosen activity, but also ideal for everyday use too. This increases the product's versatility and means your equipment doesn't get put away for ten months of the year in preparation for another winter adventure!

Their range includes first class jackets, pants, parkas, fleeces, toddlers ski suits and they provide all the essential accessories too for any skiing or snowboarding trip.

The Columbia Titanium range for men and women is their highest specification range of ski jackets and pants which has proved immensely popular with customers in the past, and continues to be a strong seller to this day.

The Columbia Sportswear Company has come from a tiny family owned hat manufacturer and distributor to one of the world's largest outdoor brands and the leading seller of skiwear.

They have been able to achieve this by giving every stage of their production process meticulous attention to detail and creating products which appeal to customers across a variety of competitive markets.

Columbia jackets and ski wear also have the most up to date scientific technology incorporated into them, including a concept called Omni-Tech which gives maximum waterproof-breathable protection, preventing outside elements from getting in, while allowing moisture to move away from the skin keeping you dry and comfortable.

The business has more than 70 years experience in making great outdoor gear and thus have become a reliable and dependable manufacturer who have an enormous amount of respect from customers.

If you're looking for new gear in preparation for a new ski adventure then don't hesitate. Columbia's wide range of products here on Simply Piste will keep you and your kids looking stylish and snazzy on the slopes.

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