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Since 1913 Didriksons have been manufacturing garments that will clothe the whole family, keeping you all warm and dry. Their heritage stems from a small fishing village on the West coast of Sweden called Grundsund. The ocean obviously played a massive part in the creation of this whole-hearted brand, with fishermen and how best to clothe them at their foundation of everything they do. To evolve this product and constantly improve it, it was important to be close to the users.

Although it has been over 100 years since Didriksons was created, they are still based in the same location, and with the introduction of welding machine in 1947 it was finally possible to make their clothing waterproof. The years rolled by and they continued to supply outerwear for the fishermen of the village whilst introducing polyurethane and breathable materials which revolutionised the market.
They have now also moved into children's outerwear, and as they deal with many weather conditions in Scandinavia they have the monopoly of what children need in all conditions. For them, this type of product is used every day in the winter. For this reason they have become a market leader in functional clothing.


All their children's clothing has been tried and tested and are the ideal partner for little ones in all winter conditions. Their products have varying levels of heat, dry, function and breathability, dependant on what you want this garment to do or where you're going. There are garments that are aimed at long walks in the woods on a cold windy day, or coveralls that are perfect for life on the slopes. Features on these jackets are both functional and practical so that children can crawl, jump, climb, splash and run. Letting children be children in all weathers.

Didriksons have won many awards over the years for lots of products including 'Best in Test' on magazines within Sweden and Scandinavia.


Didriksons brand is a very niche brand that is mainly heard of in Scandinavia but we now bring this to the foreground to enrich, your lives and give you clothing and brands that give full functionality combined with great colours and styling. This is the Scandinavian way.

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