Eleven are a first class company when it comes to the design, manufacture and sale of top of the range snowboard and ski clothes.

They create products for a range of sports including skiing and snowboarding, and all of their ideas are specifically designed to be durable and reliable so you can depend on your equipment to serve its purpose trip after trip.

The highly trained, friendly staff at Eleven are a collective of creative individuals who work well together to achieve a common goal, and they have set a world class standard to rival companies which is difficult to follow.

Within the Eleven snowboard range here on Simply Piste are fantastic jackets, shorts, trousers, gloves, t-shirts and other essential accessories for your snow adventure. There are products available for men and women alike, and their designs are aesthetically pleasing as well as convenient and long lasting.

Eleven pride themselves on providing their customers with products that bring together strength, quality and style. They encourage feedback from their customers on how their products can be improved, and try to implement these ideas into fresh designs.

Eleven believe that good products should not only meet your expectations, they should surpass them. They want their customers to be excited at the products they see, and for that excitement to last while the item is being used.

When coming up with new ideas for their range, the staff at Eleven combine maximum performance with minimal dimensions and light weight design. Their customers are firmly in mind at all times and want their designs to be as convenient for the user as possible. This has helped them develop a strong brand over the years, and they continue to grow as a company to this very day.

You can check out some of these designs and ensure you go to the slopes fully prepared by visiting the Eleven snowboard and ski wear range here at Simply Piste.