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Icebreaker makes some of the most comfortable base layers currently available on the winter sports market. Their products are made of 100% natural wool which is very soft and makes the ideal base layer for your ski trip.

They design and manufacture products for amateur and professional winter sports enthusiasts, so whatever level you're at you will find something that meets your level of experience here at Simply Piste.

Icebreaker are a renowned company who pride themselves on designing and manufacturing top class products which will help their ever growing customer base enjoy their holiday or trip.

They have been making quality products for years now, so you can be rest assured they have plenty of experience at their disposal to offer the very best base layers and winter sports accessories.

Icebreaker understand that our bodies are not comfortable with synthetic materials; they make us sweat, our movement becomes restricted and our bodies struggle to breathe as a result. You can eliminate this type of issue by using an Icebreaker thermal layer. This allows the body to breathe, regulates your temperature and keeps you comfortable in the most extreme of weather conditions.

If your body gets warm and begins to sweat, the moisture on your skin can actually cool you down in the long run. Staying cool is very important, and thermal layers underneath your ski suit will enable you to stay at a temperature which your body is comfortable with.

The material that Icebreaker use on their products allows any moisture to be wicked away from the surface of the skin, which can make you feel clammy and restricted during your activity.

Layering with Icebreaker wear is the best way to make sure your stay warm, no matter what you're up to on the slopes.

Top layers ensure that your body is protected from the elements of the weather, but mid layers and your thermal layer work together to ensure air can circulate, thus enabling the body to breathe easier.

When it comes to Icebreaker thermal layers, you'll certainly be spoilt for choice. Icebreaker creates base layers for all temperatures, allowing you to select the perfect thermal layer to suit your chosen destination and winter sport activity.

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