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Manbi International Sportswear, now known as Manbi, is a top class manufacturer of technical skiwear. Founded in 1976 they now have over 30 years experience in trading, and are intent on designing high quality, value for money ski wear and accessories.

Manbi and their highly trained team of staff are passionate about the snow and the activities which involve it. They are very aware of what people are after regarding winter gear, although they also understand that each user wants their equipment to be unique. Manbi want their customers to enjoy themselves and make the most of their winter vacation.

Keeping warm is one of the biggest priorities when skiing or snowboarding as feeling cold can have adverse effects, especially considering the fact you may be miles away from your hotel room or somewhere warm to increase your body temperature.

Specialists claim that humans lose 30% of body heat through their head, and to avoid this happening you should put on a hat before you get cold. Right here via the Manbi range at the Simply Piste online store you will find a range of hats, as well as a selection of clothing, accessories, backpacks, helmets and socks.

We have increased our range over the past year, so if you're a fan of Manbi hats and ski gear, then we have a large range for you to browse through.

Within the range we have equipment for youngsters as well as adults; enabling any parents to buy essential gear for their children should you be embarking on a family winter trip.

Manbi are committed to supplying an array of top class products which will entice customers to keep visiting Manbi for their ski or snowboard equipment. They do their best to make their designs accessible to as many people as possible across the globe to make their brand even stronger.

In our Simply Piste range we have some of the most popular and best selling ski protection and ski accessories on the market for anyone who enjoys winter sports activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

So if you're looking for top of the range gear for you and your children at an affordable price then be sure to check out the Manbi range right here at Simply Piste. Their wide range of products are designed to help you enjoy your winter trip, and with their designs looking so stylish and modern you'll certainly look the part.

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