Peak Performance is one of the world's leading ski and snowboard clothing labels who provide exceptional, durable winter products. They hold the title as Scandinavia's biggest label and have built up a strong and loyal customer base which now spreads across the globe. A multinational company with over 300 employees, around 80 Peak Performance stores and distribution in over 20 countries they continue to expand as their popularity forever increases.

Peak Performance live and breathe their brand name with a passion for the products they offer to their customers. Here on Simply Piste we have a wide variety of jackets, hats, gloves, helmets, trousers and a vast amount of essential accessories from Peak Performance.

They give every part of their production and design process meticulous attention to detail, and as a result have brought top class products to the market place, receiving serious interest from a range of winter sports enthusiasts. Their vision is to create world class products with quality, function and design. Their gear is well respected and their products are enjoyed by thousands of people.

Every product that bears the company logo has been ticked off against a long list of requirements to ensure it delivers the things that the company believes they should be delivering to their customers and suppliers. Year after year they use the feedback their customers give them to further expand their range and make improvements to the products already available.

It is this determination and focus to please their customers that has elevated the brand to such a respectable status, and they continue to grow to this very day. By using the most innovative and creative ski technology in their performance clothing they can deliver a waterproof, breathable, stretch performance, enabling you to enjoy your ski or snowboarding trip even more.

Their high-tech and stylish ski wear can be relied upon for a peak performance, allowing you to get a huge sense of enjoyment even when skiing or snowboarding in the most extreme of conditions.