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Protest was formed by a small group of enthusiastic snowboarders from the Netherlands. Their passion for their field of interest has helped them to build up a highly respectable company out of pure enthusiasm for what they do.

They have a broad knowledge of winter sports and so they know fully well what their customers are looking for. Here at the Simply Piste we stock Protest ski jackets, trousers, footwear and various other accessories.

Protest design functional and fashionable winter clothing for a range of snowboarders and skiers. Their products are manufactured to support hardcore, competitive individuals as well as beginners who are looking to get their first taste of life on the slopes.

They do this so that they can offer products to competitors of all levels. This way there is literally something for everybody of all ages.

Protest's goal or `company mission` is to ensure their snowboard clothes look good and are accessible to as many people as possible around the world. Their designs reflect the latest trends in styles and colours and they fully believe in keeping a strong focus on minor details such as zippers, applications, stitching, finishes and washes. This attention to detail helps to give Protest's range a rich and exclusive look.

Both of their main collections (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) contain a mens and womens line as well as a boys and girls range to cater for adults and children alike.

The Protest team are highly skilled and experienced with 16 of their designers having had international backgrounds in sport and fashion. They have a global network that includes first class fashion gurus and innovative partners from the fashion and textile industry.

They do their utmost to base their new designs around the latest trends so that customers go to Protest again when they need fresh ski or snowboard clothes. Their fingers are on the pulse at all times, and thanks to their meticulous attention to detail they have set a very high standard.

If you've booked a family skiing holiday and are unsure who to buy from, then look no further than the Protest range right here at Simply Piste.

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