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As you are in no doubt aware Roxy is the female section of the brand Quicksilver. They started up in 1990 and the heart of the company is dedicated to board sports like skiing, snowboarding, surfing and skating. In 1993 the Roxy logo was born, a heart-shape crest which is mirroring the Quicksilver logo, this was a nice touch by Quicksilver and you could say it was a 'stamp' of approval from Quicksilver about their own seriousness about putting Roxy in the women's sport apparel market place.

Roxy are one of, if not the best at ski and snowboarding clothing for ladies, their innovative designs truly make them stand out above the rest. They push the boundaries of their designs, giving the best fit, feel and style for any women that wants to hit the slopes, from beginners to pros Roxy has a place for everyone.

They only use the best technology in their clothing like Gore-Tex, Driflight and the finest down for their jackets. That is why we are so proud to fly the Roxy flag here at Simply Piste.

Roxy play a key part in the women's snowboarding team, helping push forward in what was a rather male dominated sport at one time. Through their sponsorship they have helped build up a strong female team for the entire world to see. On the Roxy team we have Aimee Fullerm, Dara Howell, Erin Comstock, Robin Van Gyn, Kjersti Buaas and the one and only Torah Bright. They aren't just dedicated to the 'who's hot right now' they are a dedicated brand and have an amazing amateur team as well, helping shape the future of female snowboarders and skiers.

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