'We want to affect positive change in the world within which we live, play and do business.'

Now how is that for a company tag line! Smartwool are one of the leading companies in the outdoor world that want to change the way they work for the world and the people that live in it.

Just to break it down for you - one sheep can produce forty pairs of ski socks or seven midweight base layers. The average Smartwool sock has, on average, 500,000 individual fibres of wool and 90% of Smartwool socks are made in the United States. And you thought you were just looking at any old ski and snowboarding socks and base layers!

The Merino sheep that are used for Smartwool products are outside roaming 365 days of the year in sunshine, rain, hail and snow! They are not kept in a flat boring field - you will find these sheep on the mountain tops in New Zealand! This ensures that the quality of the wool is at its best, due to the conditions the sheep live in all year round, no matter what time of the year you wear Smartwool clothing it will react accordingly and give you the best warmth in cold temperatures and breathability in warmer temperatures.

Smartwool don't just look after the sheep to sell their socks, they also run programs to help in the world we live in. They run The Smartwool General Advocacy Fund which is a non-profit organization that helps get children into the outdoors and educating them about environmental stewardship.

They sponsor the U.S ski and snowboarding team as well as the Canadian alpine ski and snowboard team and they also kit out the ski patrol and snow reporters in Colorado and California. Not stopping there they continue to work closely with local outdoor and ski retailers to keep a close connection to what Smartwool customers are saying about their products.

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