Super Tramp specialise in snow sledges which are ideal home or away. The range from Super Tramp is ever increasing and the designs are becoming ever more innovative, so you can be sure that comfort and safety are high priorities. Super Tramp sledges provide all ages with the the kit they need for maximum fun out on the slopes or back home on the nearest available hill. With the UK's winters becoming increasingly snowy, you can be pretty sure of getting loads of use out of your Super Tramp sledge.

The designs range from the more traditional to modern in various materials, shapes and sizes. There's a Super Tramp sledge for all ages, so you can kit the whole family out with a good quality sledge and make the most of the snow while you can.

Super Tramp are well established in the outdoor fun market, and they have plenty of sledge making experience. If you're looking to get a Super Tramp sledge, it's a good idea to buy one before the snow comes, otherwise it might be too late if you wait for the snow to fall, especially if it only lasts a day or two! Buy your Super Tramp sledge now to avoid the potential disappointment of not having it for an unexpected snow shower.

The great thing about Super Tramp sledges is that you can go as high tech or basic as you want. Some people prefer the simplicity and nostalgia of an old fashioned sledge, whilst for others, the thrill of the speed and performance is irresistible. Whether you want to race your mates or take the whole family sledging, there's something from Super Tramp to suit you. If additional features are important to you, there's a sledge for you, with brakes. Alternatively, if a simple sledge is all you're after, Super Tramp has it covered.

Check out our range of Super Tramp snow sledges, get yourself a decent sledge and release your inner big kid. There's nothing quite like sledging for bringing out the fun in even the most serious grown ups among us. We're pleased to be stocking this great brand who have thought of all tastes and budgets when designing their sledges. So don't put it off, get your sledge while you think of it so you're the envy of all your friends when you produce the ultimate sledge when the snow starts to fall and they have to make do with a rusty old tin!