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eGlove F3 Ski Gloves - Black

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eGlove F3 Ski Gloves - Black
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F3 Ski Gloves - Black

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These fantastic ski gloves from eGlove are ideal for skiers and snowboarders who want to use touch screen devices ie. mobile phones, ipods etc without having to take their gloves off and will keep your hands lovely and warm in really cold conditions. The inner glove is sewn into the outer which has all the usual ski glove features including an elasticated cuff and wrist strap for a great fit. There are ingenious slots on the outer glove which you can push your thumb and forefinger through to operate your touch screens without taking the gloves off, great for answering your mobile before it goes to voice mail because you can't get your gloves off in time!


  • Patented design with unique openings for forefinger and thumb
  • Conductive pads on inner glove